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Optimal protection for your products

Customization according to your needs

Fast production and delivery times

Pallmellanlägg i form av wellark

Order customized pallet spacers with or without foam.

our products

Tailor-made pallet spacers to protect your products.

Our foam-coated pallet spacers are specially designed to provide optimal protection and demarcation between different layers in pallets. They are made of durable and environmentally friendly materials and can be tailored according to your wishes regarding material, size and price. Our pallet spacers are strong and durable, while being light and easy to handle. They can be used in a variety of contexts, including protecting and delimiting different layers of pallets during transport and storage.

The core of the pallet interlayers can consist of corrugated cardboard, polypropylene channel plastic, cardboard or masonite, while the surface can be laminated with PE foam or non-woven polypropylene fabric. These materials are carefully selected to increase the durability of our spacers and thus minimize wastage and impact on the environment.

An important part of our business is to offer quick delivery times and flexibility for our customers. This is achieved through smart logistics planning and rapid changes in our production. Gthrough careful planning of our production flows and constant optimization of our logistics, we can deliver our products quickly and adapt to meet any changes in our customers' needs.

Foambelagda pallmellanlägg som produceras hos Laminato i Karlsborg
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